The Inconvinient Truth

This made me laugh at my local Tesco Express in Limehurst, Northampton.


There are many layers to this. Firstly I love the very neat handwriting that misspelled two words on a sign written sixteen times. There was a lot of endeavour put into this job, someone really diligently made these signs and I just wonder what the reaction would have been when they realised the mistakes. Because they had realised. I asked the checkout guy who the signwriter was and he replied “well it wasn’t me” in a kind of don’t go there tone. A touchy subject obviously. I must admit, I’d be reluctant to take all that hard work down despite the errors and obviously the staff in the store were still coming to terms with the whole thing.

I think I should point out that this store is staffed by native English speakers, so I’m not making fun of foreigners. Plus, it goes without saying that anyone can make these kinds of mistakes, I’ve probably made a few in this article alone. Still funny though.