Hackney Walk

Since it was a nice day and work was taking care of itself, I went for a long walk today. I also needed the exercise. I’m staying in Shoreditch and having lived mainly in North and West London, I’m enjoying exploring the East End during my stay. I’d lived in Aldgate for a few months, but I’d never made it out to Hackney Wick so I thought I’d check it out.


It was a good long walk, taking in Victoria Park (seen above) along the way which is just vast. Like most of London there’s an eclectic mix of people that you see along the way, from the scuzzy oddballs (like me) to the cool kids and the aspirational middle class mums with their little princes and princesses in their prams. One of the scuzzier types was wheeling a pram with some serious beatz blasting out of it; I couldn’t see if there was a child inside, I certainly hope not.I got a little lost when leaving the park and found myself walking along a canal. The area was becoming more and more visually interesting. I like old industrial areas, where you can see the history of human endeavour around you, as well as the poignancy that the areas of dereliction always bring. Time waits for no man.



There was a small industrial estate along the way with another little random visual gem of these boats. In the same industrial estate there was this German food warehouse. I went in fully expecting to buy some German stuff to try, but there wasn’t much in there to be honest. A bit disappointing actually, just a few shelves of uninspiring jars and packets. Randomly I saw the same outfit on Whitecross Street selling sausages the next day. Maybe that’s more their focus than retailing.



Then there’s this place. A boarded up multi-coloured pub. Beautiful really. So after a coffee and decently priced Polenta cake at the Hackney Pearl, I headed home to Shoreditch.