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About Us

Footmark Surveys was founded in 2012 by Duncan Cookson and Konrad Roberts formerly of Survey Staff. The mission was to expand beyond Survey Staff's traditional transport planning roots into new industry sectors. Using the experience and expertise gained over many years, Footmark Surveys sees exciting opportunities to move into new areas.

In a period of such change and uncertainty, it is important for businesses to know how people are thinking and behaving. Footmark Surveys aims to provide the kind quality information required to adapt and thrive in today's world. What's more, Footmark Surveys aims to maintain and build on Survey Staff's excellent record of doing so cost-effectively, at short notice and with fast turnaround times.

We can call upon an experienced and loyal team of enumerators who have worked together for many years, first at Survey Staff and now at Footmark. This team has a proven track record of delivering successful surveys and can be relied upon to react quickly to events on the ground and note down any extra information that would be useful to the client.