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Automatic Traffic Counts

Automatic Traffic Counters are a cost effective way to gather volume, class and speed data. We can provide ATC services to your specification anywhere in the United Kingdom.

At Footmark Surveys, we use Metrocount MC5600 Vehicle Classifiers to collect our data. After investigating the various manufacturers offering these kind of data loggers in the UK, we felt that they were by far and away  the industry leader in terms of unit specification and customer support. We haven’t been disappointed and you can be sure that our own expertise is backed by the full support of a dedicated and dynamic team at Metrocount.

We can advise you on ATC positions in order to gather the most reliable data. Results can be turned around quickly to meet your deadlines, with tabulations tailored to meet your requirements.

One of the many advantages of the Metrocount data loggers is that all the information is recorded and the unit is not preset in any limiting way. Therefore if, in the future, some additional data breakdowns are required, this can be delivered quickly and easily.

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