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Traffic Surveys

Footmark Surveys and it’s staff can draw upon decades of combined experience in conducting traffic surveys of all kinds. No job is too big or small, and we can operate anywhere in the UK or abroad. We can competitively quote for a turning count on a single T-Junction in Wales, or for roundabouts across an entire city centre in Scotland. Working in unfamiliar locations and solving the general challenges surveys present to us are some of the things that make our job most interesting.

We use Hi-Definition cameras where possible to improve the accuracy of our counts and reduce costs for our clients. We have enumerators based around the world who can access the footage through secure ftp connections and perform the necessary counts. Footage can then be provided for clients on request for further in-house analysis.

We use enumerators on site where appropriate. Mounting locations for cameras may not be available, some observations like queues are more appropriately conducted by staff on the ground, or the client may require a quick turnaround on data delivery. We have a pool of trained staff ready to work at short notice anywhere in the country. We’ve worked in remote locations in all manner of inclement weather conditions over the years, and all staff are advised on the many health & safety requirements for working roadside.

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